Autolinee SMEC - Servizio urbano e noleggio autobus 0974 961565
Autolinee SMEC - Urban service and bus rental 0974 961565


The Coop Company SMEC Autotrasporti is a non-profit company, it carries out the urban service in the municipality of Castellabate and the car rental service on national and international territory, over the past 25 years (celebrated on 10/30/03) its services they have been increasingly in demand and the vehicle fleet is growing more and more. All this for the skill, skill and seriousness of its directors and employees.
For the Municipality of Castellabate, this service established by the SMEC was very positive, favoring the mobility of all those people who could not move only on foot once they did not have the means, and among these there are all the weaker groups (elderly, women, children schools) but also all foreign and even Italian tourists who flock to our beautiful locations.

The company was born from the idea of ​​the Castellabate haulers in 1978, who sensed the need for this service and joined COOPERATIVA officially formed the memorandum of incorporation on 10/26/78 with the initials: S.M.E.C. A.R.L these letters are the initials of santa maria and castellabate, because the members represented these places.

His life was rather troubled at the beginning because there were so many expenses, but then a little at a time he managed to set out and keep pace.

The intuition of the founding members of this company was also important for the timeliness of the period, which was still an expansion of these services, because in the following years it would no longer be possible due to the contraction of state resources.

The SMEC cooperative company is managed by a board of directors and a president who is the representative of the company vis-à-vis third parties and in all the locations in which SMEC operates.
At the beginning the SMEC carried out only the urban service, connecting all the fractions and localities of the territory of Castellabate, then carrying out all the school transport and kindergartens.

Later the company developed into the bus rental service in a more and more professional manner and with an ever increasing clientele, currently it has three coaches plus two minibuses and proudly sees the satisfaction of its customers more and more numerous (often they are forced to ask their friends in the consortium for help because their buses are all busy). The consortium named above is the COTRAC who have formed with the companies in the area to be more competitive.

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